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Zatar Rolls

Wanna switch up your morning roll situation to something more savory? Try these Zatar rolls! They are the perfect savory dish to tackle that salt/carb craving early in the morning. Hit your taste buds with these zatar rolls.  You can prepare them the night before and eat in […]

Caramel Chocolate Date Cake

Don’t know what to do with those left over Dates in the fridge? Or looking for a healthier alternative to chocolate cake? Here you go! Look no further. Caramel Chocolate Date Cake is moist, delicious, and doesn’t contain any oil.

7 unique ways to stuff dates

If you’re like me, your fridge is stocked with dates.  More so when Ramadan comes.  Below I listed some savory/sweet ways to amp up your date situation. Majdool dates used in all situations. There are no measurements, dates come in different sizes so use your discretion on how […]