Yemen Symbolism, Al Jambiya (جنبية)

Store Display of Jambiyas in Market Yemen, the Arab Felix which is fundamentally unknown by most is not an undiscovered region but merely overlooked. The hidden jewels of this marvelous country vast from every region within it.  One of the most prevalent symbol’s representing lineage,  culture, and economical […]

Marib, Yemen

Ruins in Ma’rib, Yemen

Ma’rib (مأرب‎) or Marib is the capital city of the Ma’rib Governorate, Yemen.  The ruins of Old Ma’rib, which lies to the south of the modern city. In ancient times Marib, 120 km from Sana’a in the Wadi Adhana region, was a major centre of  the Sabaean empire, the oldest, most celebrated […]

Saltah (سلتة)

Salta (سلتة) ; Yemen’s National Dish

Salta (سلتة) is Yemen’s national dish comprised of a slow roasted lamb broth with components such as potato’s, eggs, tomato, and lamb.  There are different variations of Salta such as adding ground beef or goat, okra, and a variety of other different vegetables.  You can mix it up […]