Yemeni stew |طبيخ

Hi wordpress, Controversy has overwhelmed Yemen and overshadowed the true beauty of the scenery, people and most importantly the FOOD.  Growing up Yemeni in America was not by any means untraditional but the contrary.  My life span has been enriched with cultural influences through food.  One of my […]

Eid Al Fitr NYC 2013

Finally after 29 days of fasting Muslims across the world are rejoicing in celebration for Eid Al Fitr. Eid Al Fitr is commonly referred to as “feast of breaking fast” which in most cases everyone gorges themselves in ethnic delicacies but we’ll get to that later. Eid also […]

Zalabiya (زلابية) Sweet Bread

Hi WordPress, Tonight my family made Zalabiya which is basically a fried dough variety somewhere in between  funnel cakes and Elephant ears.  However much similar to the elephant ear variety; Zalabiya is crispy and sweet from the powdered sugar & Cinnamon.  I myself call them sweet bread or […]

Ramadan Experience in NYC 2013

The real hunger games have begun and thousands of Muslims are fasting from Sunrise to sunset in NYC.  Muslims are observing the holy month of Ramadan which requires a daily fast during a time period of up to 30 days.  This year Ramadan started on July 10th and […]

Stigma being Arab American

Being Arab is hard enough but being both Arab American is a double edged sword.  Growing up in small town America was not the best environment for a muslim male.  It was survival of the fittest amongst the cannibals.  You were eaten alive if you didn’t fit the […]

Yemen’s Traditional Village Life

Yemen also known as the Arabian Felix is an Arab country bordering Saudi Arabia, Oman and the Red Sea.  Yemen takes on a road less traveled with its unknown treasures but yet rich culture.  The country has several main cities such as San’aa, Taiz and Aden but mainly […]