I Don’t Care Attitude

It’s contagious and spreading like wild fire.  A lot of people are catching a mean case of  stank attitude.  The “I don’t care ” ideology has become an epidemic.  Be cautious and beware of symptoms including but not limited to: “I do what I want”, ” you not […]

Marrying blindly in the Middle East

Marriage is essentially a bond or better yet commitment between two people who in some cases truly love each other. Imagine being introduced to your future spouse on the day of your marriage? This is an idea unheard of in western nations but a reality in middle eastern […]

Yemeni stew |طبيخ

Hi wordpress, Controversy has overwhelmed Yemen and overshadowed the true beauty of the scenery, people and most importantly the FOOD.  Growing up Yemeni in America was not by any means untraditional but the contrary.  My life span has been enriched with cultural influences through food.  One of my […]