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New Islamic Year (1436)

  Saturday October 25th is the first day of the Islamic New Year.   We are now in Year 1436!  Islamic Calendar is also known as Hijri Calendar.  The Islamic Calendar is Lunar Calendar (based on moon cycles) consisting of 354 days.  A new month comes with every […]

Eid Al Fitr NYC 2013

Finally after 29 days of fasting Muslims across the world are rejoicing in celebration for Eid Al Fitr. Eid Al Fitr is commonly referred to as “feast of breaking fast” which in most cases everyone gorges themselves in ethnic delicacies but we’ll get to that later. Eid also […]

Yemen’s Traditional Village Life

Yemen also known as the Arabian Felix is an Arab country bordering Saudi Arabia, Oman and the Red Sea.  Yemen takes on a road less traveled with its unknown treasures but yet rich culture.  The country has several main cities such as San’aa, Taiz and Aden but mainly […]

Five things to know about Ramadan

1. What is Ramadan all About? Ramadan is a special month cherished by Muslims. During this one month every year, Muslims fast (saum)  as part of one Five Pillars of Islam.  The daily period of fasting starts at the break of dawn and ends at sunset.  Muslims completely abstain […]

Yemen Symbolism, Al Jambiya (جنبية)

Store Display of Jambiyas in Market Yemen, the Arab Felix which is fundamentally unknown by most is not an undiscovered region but merely overlooked. The hidden jewels of this marvelous country vast from every region within it.  One of the most prevalent symbol’s representing lineage,  culture, and economical […]