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A.K. Malik

Step into the life of an Arab American #foodie that loves traveling, Blogging, Writing about my thoughts and of course eating. Currently writing my first book.

Zatar Rolls

Wanna switch up your morning roll situation to something more savory? Try these Zatar rolls! They are the perfect savory dish to tackle that salt/carb craving early in the morning. Hit your taste buds with these zatar rolls.  You can prepare them the night before and eat in […]

Saffron Pistachio Ice Cream

There are a few ice cream shoppes within walking distance of my home but none of them have any unique flavors. So I hopped into the kitchen and decided to make my own ice cream.  I’ve made ice cream before but have I used ingredients like saffron and […]

Chicken Shawarma Pizza

If you’ve been following my blog, then you know that I kind of got an obsession for shawarma and Zatar.  I also got an obsession for pizza, so I figured that I’ll throw them all together and trust me when I say that it was the best pizza […]