How you can make cafe style avocado toast on the cheap.

My wife and I love to hit up cafes in the neighborhood for good coffee and even better brunch foods.  The problem is that the food is wayyyyy over priced.  Willing to pay 12-14 bucks for a slice of avocado toast with 1 poached egg.  The price could go up when you add cherry tomatoes and or smoked salmon.  Is it worth it? Yes and no.  Yes, it’s good and no it’s not worth paying over 16 bucks per plate.  For two people you’ll easily pay 40 bucks for foods that are really simple to make.  Here I’ll show you how to make avocado toast with poached eggs and smoked salmon for less than half of the price you’ll pay at cafes.


  • 1 dozen eggs ($1.79 at target)
  • 4 oz package of smoked salmon (4.99-5.99)
  • 1 medium avocado (1 – 1.49 at target or fruit markets)
  • English Muffins (2.99 a package)
  • Optional: Use peppers and tomatoes that you have in the fridge.  Don’t got? Don’t buy.
  • Total = 9.77 – 11.26 (This will feed two people for less then the price of 1 plate at a cafe, plus you’ll have excess muffins and eggs for another day).


Step 1: Follow the following video on how to make poached eggs (Click here).

Step 2: Mash 1 avocado, add salt & a squeeze of lemon juice for taste.  Throw in some chopped tomatoes and mini sweet peppers.

avocado smash

Step 3: Cut an english muffin in half and toast it.

Step 4: Add avocado smash to a toasted english muffin.

avocado smash on toast

Step 5: Add smoked salmon.

avocado smash with salmon

Step 6: Add poached eggs

Step 7: Season with some salt and crushed red pepper.

Step 8: EAT!!!!!!!!

pic 2


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