7 unique ways to stuff dates

If you’re like me, your fridge is stocked with dates.  More so when Ramadan comes.  Below I listed some savory/sweet ways to amp up your date situation. Majdool dates used in all situations. There are no measurements, dates come in different sizes so use your discretion on how much you want to stuff it.

1. Goat cheese & chives (savory)

This is an easy one, just buy goat cheese & chives from the grocery store and stuff the dates with it. haha That easy!


2. Cream cheese & bacon (Savory)

First, stuff the dates with cream cheese.  Then Fry up some bacon until it’s crispy, crumble it to pieces, and pour it on top.  I ate the dates too fast before I could get a pic.

3. Feta, olives, tomato, parsley (savory)

Stuff the date with feta and olives.  Chop a little bit of tomato and parsley and to add it on top as a garnish.  #Dumbgood


4. Mascarpone cheese and crushed pistachios (Sweet)

I like using mascarpone as a cream cheese substitute.  Toss in some crushed pistachios and mix it into the mascarpone.  Throw in some rose water if you’re feeling adventurous.  Then stuff the dates and throw some more crushed pistachios on top.  #madgood


5. Almonds & Honey (sweet)

Another easy one.  Here you can use either slivered or whole almonds.  I prefer whole almonds but ran out so I opted for slivered.  Stuff the date to maximum capacity and then poor honey on top.


6. Cream cheese, sesame candy, and almond butter (sweet)

This one requires a little bit of skill. I’m sure you can do it though.  Grab a Madjool, rip it open, throw some cream cheese in the middle, crush sesame candy and throw it on top sparsely, finally add almond butter.  Add the almond butter any way you like.  Or just dip the dates into the almond butter jar. Whatever you want.


7. Peanut butter, walnuts and honey (sweet)

I’m a peanut butter lover. I eat it on everything. Similar to the steps before just stuff the date with peanut butter, add walnuts to the top, and drizzle some honey.  There you go! Enjoy!



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  1. These look and sound great. It’s especially good to hear that you ate all crispy bacon ones before you could take any photo. 😀 I only had no. 4 but with cinnamon instead of crushed pistachios.


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