Historic Nizwa Fort in Oman

Nizwa Fort

Architectural type: Fort
Style: Traditional
Date built: 1650’s
Address: Nizwa, Oman (off Route 21)

nizwa 4

Nizwa Fort

Being an American born Arab, my knowledge of the Middle East was limited to whatever my parents told me verbally or whatever I saw on TV.

I thought the Middle East was like the movie Aaladin, or like the images of children books about the Middle East written by non-arabs.  I was born in the eighties so there was no Google to search up images.

So when I thought Middle East, camels, castles, forts, and deserts came to mind.  Although it’s sort of a stereotype, it is partially true.

When I got old enough (and financially capable) to travel alone, I did.  I’ve been going straight to the Middle East to explore my culture.  So when I arrive to a new destination, I want to see the history.  I want to see the images of Arabia that I’ve read about in story books.

To my surprise, Oman is sort of like the story books.  Full of castles, forts, oasis, sand and camels. Yup lots of camels lol

Here I explore Fort Nizwa – it’s everything you’ll imagine a fort to be with old cannons and a old city that surrounds it.


Nizwa fort Entrance

Interior and Doorway to Roof

Nizwa fort interior
Nizwa Fort Doorway

Climb up the fort to find spectacular views of the mountains. 

nizwa 3

Rooftop  of fort

Old City View 

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