Desert Colors -Wahiba Sands, Oman

Wahiba Sands

Landscape: Desert
Admission price: Free
Address: 203 KM south of Muscat, bordering the town of Bidiyah

Wahiba Sands 2

The color green may come to mind when thinking of nature but for me a different shade comes to mind.

What color does a desert bring to mind? I would say a shade of brown.  Sand changes color depending on the time of day.  It can be gold or reddish depending on the temperature of the sun.

South of Muscat, lies a desert named Wahiba Sands.  On a recent visit to Wahiba Sands in Oman, I noticed the sand changing color between the time we arrived from the time we departed.  The site is beautiful and what intrigued me was that Bedouins still live in the desert.  Some in old fashion tents and others in modern homes (these are the ones that upgraded).

My main interest however was the landscape and the camels.

Wahiba sands 3


Wait! I guess there is some green in the desert.  The shrubs in the desert are green and adds contrast to the golden colors of Wahiba Sands Desert.


See more of Wahiba sands in the video below.

It IS Easy Being Green!

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  1. Your post reminds me of a trip I took one summer when I visiting my father in Riyadh. He took us to the Red Sands and we visited an oasis. That was a long time ago, but I can remember the trip as if it were yesterday. Nice post.


    • Thank you for commenting. I’m glad you were able to connect. A photo can do that, bring back memories. I too think of my first experience in Dubai whenever I speak of deserts. I compare all other experiences to it.


  2. Always love your photos. The contrast between the sands and the sky is like something I’ve never seen before and is just so perfect in it’s simplicity. I hope one day I can experience visiting a dessert.


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