Journey Through the Doors Of Oman



When thinking of travel, the Middle-East always come to mind.  Being an Arab born and raised in America, I ponder often about my roots, my background, the origins of me.  I don’t travel much but when I do, it’s somewhere far away.  Somewhere that reminds me of my existence.  I’ve been to Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.  So when I had time off, My wife and I thought about traveling to a country in the gulf that is not heard of often or traveled often, that’s Oman.

How many people have you met traveled to Oman?  I thought it would be interesting to visit and also a conversation piece.  More importantly, it’s an opportunity to connect with my background.

While I was in Oman, I was fascinated with the grand doors.  Reminded me much to my parents home land of Yemen.  I dream of returning to Yemen but the country’s turmoil has prevented me.  Seeing the doors were bittersweet.  However, when I stare into the doors, I see handcrafted beauty, and the rich history of a country that is not spoken about often.

Tag along on the ride, and step through the doors to another world.





The Road Taken

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  1. Looks like a beautiful country. The top 3 Arab countries I want to visit are Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Unfortunately Syria is not doable right now.

    Thanks for sharing!


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