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Lukewarm to Freezing weather – NYC

After looking up the definition of lukewarm, the words “moderately warm” appeared.  As of recently, the weather has been lukewarm in New York.  For a second, I could feel the spring air approaching.  Than all of a sudden, Boom!  On 2/9/17, NYC was hit with a snow storm.


School was cancelled, as a teacher I was ecstatic.  YES! I have a day off!  No papers to grade, no lessons to write up, and no crying students.  This snow day, will be the best day ever!  And it was!

But can lukewarm mean more than a temperature? The next morning, when I walked through the snow and slush, the term lukewarm could described my feelings.  Yes, you also feel lukewarm or unenthusiastic. That’s how I felt when I walked through the freezing temperatures and ice cold snow.  I hate this weather and wish I could enjoy Miami-like weather all year long.

Several days passed from the snow storm and there is still snow outside and a lot of it!  It’s still cold and yes I still feel lukewarm.  Just 9 more weeks until spring.  


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  1. I visited America for the first time at the beginning of February and arrived in NYC on the 9th. At that time it was very snowy (not as snowy as in your pictures though as I presume the majority of it must have melted by then) and I was astounded by how cold it was. Actually, it’s the coldest place I’ve ever visited and I’ve had my fair share of mountains!


      • I live on the south coast of the UK. Our winters are what I’d previously considered cold, but the lowest temperature we get here in winter is 3 degrees C – at the moment it’s about 12C and the summers should be about 28C. I guess it’s what you’d call a mild climate – but I can’t help thinking I’d laugh now when American’s say the UK is cold! You wouldn’t believe, I had to wear thermal trousers and top, trousers, a skirt, a jumper, a coat, hat scarf gloves .. I was practically wearing all the clothes from my suitcase!

        Wishing you warmth.


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