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Quest to find peace of mind #Brooklyn


The hustle of NYC is so strong that it seems almost impossible to find peace of mind. “I stay on the grind” is a common phrase I hear while walking down Flatbush ave. people rushing to the bus, train and dollar van in hopes of getting to their next destination on time. The rush is non-stop and not just during peak hours.

One gets caught up in the rush and it spins you around with no end in sight. I for one am tired of the hustle, the grind, the constant spinning and desire a moment of serenity. A quiet atmosphere where I can take in nature and collect my thoughts. Who knew finding peace of mind in NYC could be easy to find. Behind the roads of ocean Ave is an enclave of beauty; Prospect Parks trees are busting at the seems.

People are flocking to this oasis of tranquility in herds but as soon as you enter time stops. Your drifted from the fast pace to a world of grass, lakes, and trails. All negative energy is left behind and here I find my piece of mind.



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