Photo Discovery

Skyline Mirror Reflections

This week we are looking at mirror images.  The images I’m presenting are Mirror images but more importantly reflections of destinations in life.  As I create these images, I reflected about each destination.  Each reflection reminds me of the moment when I took these photos.  I remember when I took them and I try to recapture the emotion experienced when viewing them.

NYC – My Home


Istanbul – Current Obsession 


United Arab Emirates – Future Home


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      • True . I have never been to Istanbul , but I have heard a lot about the place, people & food . I have been almost half a dozen to gulf countries , but I have never made it up to Istanbul . This post of yours inspires me to keep this up in my bucket-list . Next year inshAllah, I’m planning Hajj . After that I’ll surely take a round trip around Istanbul . Thank u so very much !


      • You’re welcome and install you have a successful & blessed hajj. I went a few years ago and It’s a great experience. I’m anxious to see your future blogs citing all the details.

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