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My dreams and aspirations are within my arms reach. I feel like I can never reach them but I am able to find them here in front of me on wordpress. In this space I can jump high, cook ambitiously, and travel throughout the world.

While I continually peruse my realistic dreams, mentally I am a chef/book author whom travels the world; I live vicariously through wordpress.

For the past 10 years I lived in NYC, and the sky scrappers are my artistic canvas.  My camera snaps away and my fingers does the editing.  I share my images of beautiful sunsets, flowers, and bridges.  The beauty of NYC seen from the view point of a local.  Jump into my lens and see what I see in NYC.

New pic 2New pic 3

I dream of returning to Abu Dhabi – I fall in love with this city. In my reader I come across specific tags of #abudhabi and it brings me back to a happy place. The feeling of ephoria runs through me.

I love to eat new foods, especially authentic middle eastern cuisine. When I see a picture of Baklava or falafel, it inspires me to get off the computer and into the kitchen. Perhaps I can come up with some new creation or I could just order take out.

Most importantly, my wordpress reader allows me to hear the voices of others, experience their thoughts and feelings. Puts me into their shoes, though only a few minutes, its a cherishable moment. Our connections makes us who we are and influences us until we reach our next destination.

Glasses up (or as per the picture below #MusselsUp) and #cheers – here’s to wordpress #connections


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