A view of Hagia Sophia #Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia Rooftop

While having coffee at Rast Hotel’s rooftop, one can’t help but enjoy the beautiful views of historic district of Istanbul, specifically Hagia Sophia. I can’t wait to go back to relive this moment. Take a trip with me through Hagia Sophia with beautiful pictures below of the courtyard, interior & exterior.

Hagia Sophia is the oldest church in the world being built in 537.  The Church was converted into a Mosque during the Ottoman Empire in the 1400’s.  Today it stands as a museum that infuses both Islam and Christianity. The Hagia Sophia is close to other attractions and is only a few minutes away from Cistern, Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque.  Click here to view my other posting on the Blue Mosque.  Unlike the blue mosque, there is no dress code to enter Hagia Sophia. Scroll to the bottom to find out more information on this attraction.

Hagia Sophia Court yard


Interior infuses both Islam and Christianity with large banners of Islamic Arabic writing and also paintings of Jesus on the ceilings/walls. (Click on photos in grid to view gallery)

Hagia Sophia Interior 2

For more information about Hagia Sophia click here


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