Photo Discovery

Details of a Purple Daisy #Brooklyn

The Beauty of Nature

I saw a Purple Daisy while walking through Broklyns Botanical Gardem and could help but ask myself: 

  • Will the flower live on when plucked from it’s roots?  When you put it in your vase and watch it for next few days.  Will it give you hope and garner you praise?
  • Will the bees flock to its nectar when it’s no longer adorned in it’s garden?  When it’s alone in a room with little light – what will it’s nectar provide your adorned sight?
  • Will the leaves remain a vibrant shade of purple? Watch as the days go by, the vine will wrinkle and the color will diminish as the leaves fall. Than ask yourself “was plucking the life out this flower worth it at all”?


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  1. Purple Coneflowers….I really am not good at growing these. My songbirds love the ‘cone’ part but the insects love the petal parts and I cannot bring myself to spray the flowers…else the bees won’t come.

    Lovely photo, thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for the comment – I did not grow these myself but a photo I took at Brooklyn Botanical Garden – I enjoyed watching the bees humming over the flowers – shows the beauty of nature and they rely on one another

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