The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) – Istanbul


I recently visited Istanbul and its one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in person. Istanbul is rich in culture and history. I stayed at a boutique hotel  within the historic district of Istanbul which has beautiful rooftop views of Istanbul.

Rast Hotel Rooftop



There was never a dull moment and I could have honestly stayed there for weeks and still find new places to discover.  One of my favorite places to visit during my stay was the Sultan Ahmed Camii.  a.k.a the Blue Mosque.  No one in Istanbul calls it Blue Mosque and it dubbed the nick name from tourists because the domes are blue.

Blue Mosque Outside Courtyard


The Blue Mosque dates back from the 1600’s and has an impressive architecture with colorful tiles that make up the interior.

Mosque is located in the Historic District within walking distance of other popular attractions such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi palace, and the Cistern. Plus there are great restaurants and hookah around there too.

We went in the morning and it was crowded but not overly crowded. My tour guide said that its extremely busy during summer season and I visited right before that season so I was good.

Note: If you’re Muslim you may also pray inside. They close during prayer hours so be aware of the prayer times. You’ll easily spend 1-2 hours just walking around outside and inside.

More info on mosque can be located here.

Click on the images below to enlarge.

If you are planning a trip to Istanbul -Blue Mosque needs to be a top attraction on your itinerary.  Also stay in the historic district as mosque hotels have rooftop views of the historic district.  

Sultan Ahmet Mosque


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  1. It’s a beautiful city. I visited a long time ago & my memories are not so crisp at this point (it was in 1992).
    But I remember the vastness of the mosque, and the elegant clock, and thick green & narrow red stripes of the carpet inside.
    This is a lovely gathering of photos here.


  2. Istanbul is such a diverse and amazing city. I would have loved to stop there with the kids on our recent trip to Europe (as we were connecting through Istanbul). But we decided it was too risky. I wish places like this could be visited again without fear.


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