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6 Things Muslims do the day before Ramadan

Ramadan is here.  Here are 6 things that you’ll probably do in preparation the day before. 

6. Pretend to be religious


Ramadan is here!  Time to fast, pray five times a day, read Quran, withdraw from negativity such as backbiting, lying, cheating and eating only halal.  Sounds angelic right? Well, guess what?  This is how we should act 365 days a year.

Yes, we should pray and withdraw from negativity everyday of the year and not just during specific times.  Ramadan is a time we all say ” I’m going to be a better Muslim”, which is good starting point.  As long as we maintain even after the months over.

5. Make a plan to get skinny


If you know me – I’m all about #GlutenFull and not #Glutenfree. Yeah give me the carbs.  Check out my blog post about it if you haven’t read it yet.  You did not eat right for the past year and summer is fast approaching.  Your dreams of having a beach body is still attainable.  You just got to exercise and eat healthy during Ramadan.  I mean, you’re already fasting for almost 18 hours a day. This is your time to lose weight and look mad good by the end of Ramadan.

The truth – we all make plans to loose weight but we never do and end up gaining more from binge eating.

4. Binge eat day before


Speaking of binge eating.  Did I tell you what I had today?  Halal Chinese food!  It being halal does not mean healthier.  I had General Tso, the misses had Chicken and broccoli (the healthy broccoli kind of balances the bad) with fried rice.  Also with a side of fried chicken wings and french fries.  To top it all off, had a donuts with soda for dessert.

You have to binge eat the day before. It’s a time honored tradition.  This way you wont have cravings for foods that you will day dream about tomorrow while starving. You can tell your self “I ate that yesterday”.  It doesn’t always work though. But who cares? #TreatYoSelf.  Check out my Food posts if you’re hungry. 

3. Buy a box of dates


If you were smart, you bought a box the week before but now everyone is at the Arab Store in Bayridge Brooklyn trying to stock up on dates.  You gotta fight an old lady for the last box and chances are you will push her too because it’s not quit yet Ramadan so you’ll take a chance on beating up someone’s mother.  The things we do for a box of dates.  Check out my posting on Ajwa Dates. 

2. Watch yo mama or family make samboosas (samosas) and dream about how you will eat them. 


Chances are that you’re already making plans about what you’re going to eat tomorrow and yo mama or anyone who knows how to cook in your house is preparing tomorrows meal.  That picture above will illustrate how you will appear after iftar on the first day of Ramadan and everyday for the remainder of the month.

1. Text everyone Ramadan Kareem

Happy Ramadan kareem ramazan mubarak arabic calligraphy english vector clip arts (3)

Every cousin that you never talk to you on a regular basis will get a text message from you or will text you “Ramadan Kareem”.  You will even call every relative and say the blessing to everyone and their mama.  By the way, have a blessed and healthy Ramadan. #RamadanKareem

Check out more about Ramadan on my other blog postings 2014 or 2013 

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  1. Wow. As a Christian I’ve experienced a lot of my friends being the same way during Lent. ‘Let’s fast guys and be more spiritual.’ Is what I hear them say despite the fact they should be doing that anyway.

    It’s funny you should mention Bay Ridge. I grew up in Brooklyn. My family and I would go to the Arab markets on Atlantic Avenue for spices.


    • That’s true – we should be that way annually but instead it happens more often on occasions. I just visited Bsyridge a week ago and it was crowded with people buying food from the stores on fifth Ave. probably busiest time of year for these Middle eastern businesses.


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