Saudi Arabia

Al madinah Al munawwarah in the Clouds

I just came back from my second trip to Saudi Arabia.  I promised myself that I would visit more places like Jeddah cit and or the historical Madain saleh tomb but we did not find time.  The holy cities of Al Madinah and Mecca keep me in complete awe and distracts me from visiting other sites.  While in Al Madinah, we stayed close to the Mosque called “Masjid Al Nabawi” or the Prophets Mosque.  This is one of the most beautiful, if not most beautiful mosques I’ve ever visited.  Check more pics of the mosque on another posting (Al-Masjid al-Nabawi). During this stay, the clouds were extra plump and ripe for the picking, photo picking that is.  They were captivating and I could not resist from taking photos.  Majority of my photos are taken using a Sony a6000 DSLR and a iPhone 6.

Please enjoy the photo slide show below, Share on Twitter and drop a comment about what you think.  #RamadanKareem


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  1. Your Saudi posts are making me so nostalgic! I went in 2000 and did not own a camera or a phone lol but I remember falling in love with it the the second I saw it. Ramadan Kareem!


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