#NationalDessertDay Tribute

In honor of #NationalDessertDay I’m posting some of my favorite desserts that I had over the past year in NYC.  I hope you get hungry haha

Middle Eastern Dessert “Knafa”.  Flaky outside and warm cheesy middle with crushed pistachios.

    Who doesn’t love ice cream from Mr.Frostee Ice Cream trucks? 


I bet you never heard of a Halal Maple Bacon Donut! Well they exist in Greenpoint Brooklyn! 

Frosted Donuts while on the beach in Montauk, Long Island? Why not!  

Photo Aug 23, 8 03 21 PMRita’s Ices and Frozen Custard in Coney Island on a summers evening. 

  There is always a good reason to have Baklava!  Especially homemade. 

  You know the phrase already, now lets eat some Ice Cream. 

Photo Aug 19, 7 21 19 PMAmerica Does runs on Dunkin. 
  Rainbow Cookies!!!! #NoFilter

   Nothing like eating a cookie while enjoying the view of NYC from the top level of The Freedom Tower Observatory Deck!

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