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Desert Farms Raw Camel Milk Review

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I’ve been wanting to experience more camel products since my Dubai trip.  I happened to stumble upon a camel farm company called “Desert Farms”  located in California on Facebook!  They distribute camel milk to select locations and also camel milk can be purchased online.  The camel milk however can only be purchased in packs of 6 pints or greater with each pint costing 16 dollars each or greater.  Plus shipping and handling is 50 dollars depending upon where you live.  I am not willing to spend all that money for a pint of milk!

I researched and found out that there are several stores in New York City that sale the camel milk.  I went to Long Island City and stopped by Natural Frontier Market and was surprised to see it in the freezer section.  It’s not a myth, there is camel milk in the US!  It cost 20 dollars flat and thats a hefty price tag for a pint of milk.

However I’ve been dying to try this milk in hopes it will taste similar to that in Dubai.  I purchased the Raw Camel milk and it had a funny logo that reads “Everyday should be humpday”.  I liked the humor.  The milk took a few hours to defrost because it’s frozen.  Also what’s interesting is the expiration date, as it does not expire until October. Unlike regular cow’s milk, Camel Milk lasts longer.

Now the taste: It tastes creamy like whole milk but yet very light like skim milk.  It was definitely a great glass of milk but I could not tell the difference from ordinary cows milk.  The Camel Milk in Dubai had a little bit something to it differentiating it from the cows version.  I would purchase this more often if it had a price of maybe 5 dollars.  Definately not worth 20 dollars.  Not for nothing, this is a very healthy substitute for cows milk and research shows that it has a lot more added benefits.  Check out Desert Farms website to learn more.

I am creating a Camel Milk Date shake which will be posted soon.

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