Middle Eastern Food

Camel Milk Ice Cream at Dubai Mall – Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a relatively new city but a lot of their architecture is unique with Middle Eastern Influences.  At Dubai Mall’s indoor Souk, you get the perception of walking through the halls of an egyptian market.  The architecture replicates an ancient middle eastern souk. The only difference is the prices are are no bargain!  Check out my blog on Dubai Creek if you’re looking for a traditional souk with bargains.


I’ve always heard of rare camel treats in the middle east and recently got to try the “Camel Burger” which is also on the blog.  It’s Ramadan and the fasting has gotten me to reminisce about some of the unique foods I had while in Dubai.  In Dubai’s Mall Souk, I encountered a shop called “Al Majlis” which means in Arabic the sitting area.  Normally a Majlis is where people gather together to drink coffee or tea; similar to what we call a living room.  The sitting area was unique and had traditional middle eastern design with a deewan like furnishing.

I knew immediately what I wanted when I spotted the sign from the shop that said “Camel Milk Ice Cream”.  Yeah I will have some of that and some Date Cake on the side.


I took a bite of the camel milk with another bite of the date cake with caramel sauce and it hit me hard.  It was one of those food moments that brings a child like smile across your face.  I’ve eaten dates but never had it baked into a cake, it was sweet with a brown sugar like taste combined with dates.  It’s truly a memorable treat.


The Camel Milk Ice cream is similar to regular vanilla ice cream but it is much more lighter.  Camel milk has virtually no fat and taste similar to skim milk.  There is something unique about camel milk as it has some sort of aftertaste.  It’s not bad but noticeable. Due to the milk having zero fat, the ice cream was similar to a vanilla yogurt.  Whatever the case it was unique and blended well with the cake.


I am a coffee drinker, and I especially like Arabic coffee.  After dessert I had a nice cup of coffee and just lounged around the majlis having good conversation with my wife. These simple moments are the most important.  Sitting around in a beautiful Arabic style market and having some great coffee.  It was a remarkable experience.  I recommend anyone coming to dubai to try this ice cream with date cake.  I’m sure you will have better ice cream in your lifetime but come for the entire experience.


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