Souq Al-Arsah (سوق العرصة) – Oldest Market in the Sharjah Emirate – UAE


Souq Al-Arsah (سوق العرصة) – One of the oldest Souqs (market place) in the UAE. The 200 year old souq is Located in the heritage region of Sharjah, here you can find traders selling traditional jewelry, pottery, pashminas, arabic coffee pots (dhallahs), herbs & Spices, Jambiyas daggers. I personally loved this place because of its rustic character, although it’s been remodeled, the structure has a traditional middle eastern souq architecture. This is the sole region I wanted to travel to the middle east, to get a sense of a traditional culture. Granted the UAE is the updated, remodeled, and modern version of Arabia, it still has a lot of old school charm. You just have to go out and look for it. Bring your dirhams and come prepared to haggle a good price on rare goods.

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Lastly, here is the mosque located directly behind the souq.  The architecture and color is amazing.  


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