Dubai Souk & Creek – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Get away from all the hustle of the city life and take a boat ride over the Dubai Creek.  Located in the Deira section of Dubai, the creek will make you feel like you’ve entered another country.  Here you will find older homes, buildings and old fashioned wooden boats called Dhow covering the creek.  Considering everything fancy in Dubai, I appreciate taking a step back from the ultra modern and wonder into another time of old fashion values and culture.


When in Deira, wonder into the Al Bastakiya region (click here to learn more), or jump into a Dhow and cross the creek and shop at the Souk.  Hope on the Dhow and take a ride across the creek.


DSCN2520 DSCN2521 DSCN2527 DSCN2528 DSCN2531 DSCN2532


DSCN2563 DSCN3611 DSCN3614

After reaching the other side of the creek, you will be submerged into the Souk center.  Souk is the arabic term for shopping center.  Here you will find the Spice Souk, Gold Souk, and if you are willing to adventure out, Souk Naif (located behind the gold souk).  In the spice souk you will find a popular middle-eastern spices sold in bulk including Iranian Saffron.  If you have not bargained before, you will learn how to haggle here.  Every store has a different quoted price but you need to be able to haggle to bring the price down.  Besides the spices, you will find carpets, scarfs (pashmina), traditional clothes, and souvenirs.



DSCN2534 DSCN2535 DSCN2537 DSCN2538 DSCN2539 DSCN2541 DSCN2542






The Gold Souk has tons of stores with lavish jewelry hung in the window.  If you’re looking for gold, this is the place.



DSCN2556 DSCN2558

gold201 gold202


DSCN3635 DSCN3634

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