Camel Burger and Camel Milk Shake – Dubai, UAE


So you never had a burger made out of Camel meat? Well neither have I until recently.  Camels are the pride and joy of Arab culture.  When anyone thinks of Arabs or middle east, camels usually come to mind lol (maybe not).  It’s true that Camel meat is a delicacy in the middle-east.  I’ve only heard stories of people eating but never witnessed it myself.  Probably because I live in New York City.  Well, when visiting Local House Restaurant in the Al Bastakiya region of Dubai, I noticed that Camel meat was listed as their specialty.

Lets Step Inside:


The restaurant is an actual house that was remolded into a restaurant. We sat in the common area in the middle but there are also private rooms.  The common area has a great skylight in the center with private rooms adjacent to it.  Although Dubai is a modern city, the locals and muslim families are still culturally traditional and may  prefer the private room over the common area. It gives them space to eat in private with their families.


One of the Private Rooms

Here’s a look of the Menu:


Okay lets start off with the Camel Milk Shakes.  They actually use Camel milk!  I had the Dates Flavored Camel Milk Shake.  It was really delicious.  The camel milk is very similar to regular milk but lower in fat.  Its similar to skim milk with a noticeable aftertaste.  The aftertaste is not bitter but its definately sharp.


Okay before we chump into the Burger, I had to have some hummus. Come one we are in the middle east, hummus has to be on the menu and it was.  It was pretty good, standard hummus that I would come to expect.  Hummus is hard to disappoint.


Okay down to business, now its time for the burger!  I had the Camel Cheese Burger.  The meat’s texture is fibrous and chewy.  If you can get over the texture, its taste is delicious and similar to lamb.  I would definitely eat this again.


Just to be adventurous, we also tried roast camel.  The camel is roasted and cut into pieces and served with pita bread, fries, and salad.  This meat is very lean, its lower in fat than cow.  It’s considered a healthy alternative to beef or lamb.  The meat is definitely lean and has almost no fat.  Its a bit chewy but it taste delicious.


Heres a close up with a glob of hummus.


Overall great experience. I recommend anyone coming to Dubai to stop by the Al Bastakiya region and try traditional Emirate food.  Dubai is known for their sky line, modern restaurants, and lavish lifestyles.  Take a step back and enjoy the older culture in Al Bastakiya and have some food at Local House restaurant. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I’m loving reading about your trip to Dubai – I visited there about 10 years ago with my husband. We were living in Malta and he was on a business trip. I enjoyed Dubai very, very much. I’d be like you… I’d want to try camel meet if it were on the menu. The flat bread looks so wonderful – what is it called? Sometimes, when we visited Arabic countries, I would order a typical Arab breakfast of flat bread, hummus and different kinds of olives – soooo good. I could never finish it all, so I’d put the rest in the small refrigerator to enjoy later. Looking forward to your next post!!


    • Thank you. We do the same thing with the hummus & flatbread, there is always too much so we save it for It comes in handy for a nice snack, especially late in the evening. Whenever I visit a new country or state, I try to eat something unique or iconic for that area. I really enjoyed Dubai but wished it had more culture. There were only a few traditional restaurants that I could find. When I got a hold of this place, I immediately dived in head first exploring new foods.

      BTW: Pita Bread is known as “aysh” in arabic or most people just call it “khobz” which means bread. Majority of time Arabic restaurants only serve pita bread, so when I order “khobz” they just bring pita bread.


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