Middle Eastern Food

Goat Cheese Pitza & Shawarma – Zaytoons Restaurant- Brooklyn, NY

pitza shawarma

What’s Shawarma? Let me introduce you to one of god’s greatest gifts to man!  Shawarma (شاورما‎) is lamb, beef, or chicken which is grilled vertical spit. The meat roasts most of the day on a low temperature allowing it to become juicy and tender. The meat is shaved off the vertical spit and can be made into a sandwich or in this case a plate with rice.

After journeying through brooklyn, my lady and I stopped by Zaytoons Middle Eastern Restaurant in Park Slope Brooklyn. Zaytoons specializes in popular Middle Eastern foods from the Levantine region.  Today we had Falafel, Shawarma plate, and Goat Cheese Pitza!

For starters we had Falafel! It was crispy on the outside and moist in the middle.  Its everything you’d come to expect from the perfect Falafel with an extra kick from the white sauce.


I do not want to focus so much on the Falafel, I came here from the meat and pitza!  

upclose pitza

Pitza is a pizza made from using in house pita break hence the marriage “pitza” is created.  This Pizza was smothered in mozzarella cheese, goat cheese, fresh cherry tomatoes and beef bacon chunks!  I’ve never had a Pizza like this before.  The crust was super crispy and went well with the mixture of toppings.  The salty goat cheese melted with the crisp bacon.  Man I’d eat this everyday If I could!


Next on the list is the Shawarma Plate!

lamb chicken shawarma

This is a mixed Shawarma plate with both Lamb & Chicken served over a bed of rice and topped with white sauce.  The Lamb was incredibly juicy and flavorful.  I love being able to mix the chicken and lamb into each bite.  Grab some pita bread and scoop them up with a little bit of hummus and its like heaven in my mouth.

 Zaytoons goes hard with the servings and pile up the food on each plate.  It was soo much food that I had to take some home for later.  Best of all the price is not bad for the level of food & service which is given.  Good Food, Good Price, Good Service = Satisfied.  I will be back again.

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  1. I’m soo jealous that you have such fabulous food choices where you live!! Many years ago myself and my family lived in Brooklyn Heights – on the side near Park Slope. In fact, we used to walk to a movie theater in Park Slope. I really enjoyed reading this post – it was almost as if I were there with you guys… except I didn’t get to have any of that amazing food !!


  2. Being a food- addict and a Shawarma connoisseur, this is food porn friend! Glad to know that NYC really DOES have the gastronomic multifariousness that it is famous for. Insha’Allah, someday….


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