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#MuslimLivesMatter Too!

I saw a picture of a 3 muslims smiling on instagram recently but I passed by it. A family member during breakfast was talking about a shooting but I did not hit me. My friend stopped me on my way home from school and asked me if I heard about the college kids that were killed in North Carolina. He was persistent and kept asking me but I was not aware of the story. I mean, it did not come up on the morning news. The only real-time I have to watch the news is during the morning hours before work and nope, not one single channel brought up the story. It was a hot topic on the kitchen table but not in the living room. Later I realized that the story was listed under a headline that you wouldn’t expect.

My friend was persistent and showed me his phone. On his phone was an article with the picture that I have originally saw on instagram a day ago. It reminded me of the conversation my family were earlier in the day. Three muslims were shot down point-blank in the head execution style but headlines are saying that it’s a “parking dispute killing”. Really? A parking dispute? I kept thinking the entire time about my own personal experiences growing up in Mid-west Ohio. The racism, the hate, the disgust people would have when they saw me in my old town. It brought me chills thinking about all of the abuse I endured my entire life from hateful neighbors, school mates, co-workers and even people who I thought were my friends. This was not a parking dispute, not by any means.

What if the roles were reversed and a muslim male killed 3 white americans? Every headline from the NY Post to the Los Angeles times will have a field day labeling the muslim american as a “terrorist”. Immediately any person that commits a criminal offense is a terrorist but a white man from north carolina that kills/ murders, takes away the lives of three innocent college students gets a headline of a “parking dispute”? A condo complex with a tow company available on hand but yet this is a “parking dispute”. Their not in NYC, don’t tell me its a Parking issue!  What parking disputes can you possibly have in NC. Its only wide open spaces. Wait, some people are saying that its not just a parking dispute but assailant had a mental illness. How typical?

The young students are described as helpful, kind and on their way to great career paths.  I feel for them and for any family that goes through any type of grievances.  This blog is not about the race line.  It’s not about being black, or white, or ARAB! This is about the treating one another with respect regardless of our background, ethnicity or religion.

#MuslimLivesMatter too

Allah Yerhamhom (الله یرحمهم )- God Bless Them & god have mercy on them.

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  1. Asalam Alaykum brother, yesterday me too on Instagram I saw this sad event and how people (even non muslim) denounced the way the media is representing the killing of the three muslims. They asked why is not the white man called a terrorist. Seeing this even on part of non muslim show that not all people believe what the media say anymore.


    • wa alaykoom asaslam. Its very sad how the media portrays these events. They are meant to help the community but instead it’s all rhetoric bull to get more ratings. Muslims being murdered does not get ratings.


      • Ya, gone is the time when the media was here to inform about what’s going on. It is all about brainwashing people


  2. I did see this on CNN – but at first it was called, as you said, A Parking Dispute. My husband was an international banker and we have many friends – from various countries – who are Moslem. I am very grateful for all of them. Each one is loving and kind and generous and thoughtful – and each one loves their friends like their own family. I’ve also been blessed with having been able to visit several Moslem countries and to visit our friends in their homes – in their hometowns. A more hospitable people can not be imagined. How sad that many Americans are so CLUELESS…. Often the problem is ignorance – in the true sense of the word – meaning ‘lacking knowledge’. And, from studies I have done I’ve learned that each new immigrant group usually is not accepted….at least not right away. We weren’t told in school how many factories here in New England had signs that said, ‘No Jews. No Irish’. And now America’s latest immigrant population – often people who have had to flee horrible violence – are shunned and disrespected. ++ Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m of French Canadian descent and those who came into this country (the first generation or more) were also treated as ‘less than equal’. We Americans have to open our eyes and see we DO NOT respect the whole ‘melting pot’ idea on which America was founded on.


    • Wow this comment was refreshing to read. i wish that there were more people like yourself! This shooting in NC really hit close to home because of the all the opposition I faced growing up as a Muslim Arab American in Midwest America. People always mistreated me because like you said, they are CLUELESS of my background. The Media adds fire to the flame by painting an image that my culture/religion is very oppressive or violent. Yeah there are a lot of problems from within my community but there are problems within every country in the world, the signs in London is a great example. From my experience, people from all races that are unfamiliar are ill treated in America due to a lack of knowledge of the culture. People are ignorant towards people that they don’t understand. Hopefully others will also have the same experience to interact with people from other cultures which will allow the mind to expand and gain mutual acceptance. Well, here’s wishing to a better future! 🙂


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