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3 New Years Resolutions that I will not be doing – 2015


Every year I promise myself new resolutions and a month later they all fall apart. Each month passes a long and I keep telling myself to jump back into my promises but it never happens. By the end of the year, I reflect and hate myself for not committing to my original resolutions.  This year, Fuck IT, I am not committing to shit.  Here are the three things that I can’t promise myself in 2015.

1.  Lose weight and get a six pack.

– My ultimate goal in life is to get back into shape and get that six pack that I’ve been dreaming of.  Since getting married, I like other married men, stop caring about their reflection.  Well, I have not necessarily stopped caring but I don’t have the time to keep up with my image.  I can’t commit to a workout routine because of my crazy schedule. I work odd hours, over time and also working on a graduate degree.  The hours I have available will not be dedicated to hours in a gym but instead on a sofa with my legs kicked up.  Each year I promise myself that my gym membership will not go to waste.  Instead this year, I’m not signing up for the gym.  If I do start working out, I will do it on my own terms without beating myself up over it all year long.  In the mean time I am a hungry foodie and I like me as I am.

2. Finish writing my book. 

– I’ve been working on a book which is loosely based on my life as an Arab growing up in midwest America.  Last year I made a resolution that I will be finished by the end of the year and of course I could not make the deadline.  Well I am almost finished but instead of killing myself in writing just to finish, I will take my time and write with passion.  I will not write to write just to finish a deadline but instead write because I love to write when I have the time. It will get done but I will finish it knowing that I put in the best and not just trying to meet a dead line.

3. Caring way too much. 

– Since I was a kid, I tell myself that I will be a better person in the New Year. I will treat my friends and family better is written down on paper.  This resolution is always met each year but its one resolution that’s not needed.  The problem is, I never treated any better with a lack of respect. I treat people better than myself.  I jump through hoops making sure that everyone around me is incredibly happy to the effect that I care too much what people think of me.  NO MORE! I will continue to treat others with respect but will no longer let that affect my daily life.  I come first and I need to focus on myself, my life, and my future before I can help someone else out.

There are hundreds of milestones or accomplishments that I’ve reached in my life, of which none were New Years Resolutions.  One thing I can promise myself in the new year is happiness. That is something that I don’t need to write down on paper. Happiness is not something that needs a resolution.  We should all life happy lives without needing to implement it into a new years resolution.  I for one will live more, be happier, and travel every place my heart desire. This year will be better but I will not keep any resolutions to fuss over throughout the year.  Throw out your resolutions, live your life and be happy!!!! Okay the last few sentences sounds like a resolution lol Oh well.

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