Middle Eastern Food

First time making Shakshouka (شكشوكة‎)

Shakshouka ( شكشوكة‎ ) is a dish of poached eggs in tomato sauce containing peppers, onions and chickpeas.  I admit, the miss’s and I are both Arab but have never made Shakshouka before. Its not traditional made in Yemeni households so I’ve never ate it growing up as a child. Shakshouka is popular in North African countries and possibly the Levant. Friends are always asking me how to make Shakshouka and my response is always “hmmm I think with tomato sauce”. I was not completely sure how to make it and felt embarrassed because it.  I am Arab, so my pride came into play.  I should know every dish! lol

Here is our attempt at making Shakshouka (شكشوكة‎;).  I think it came out pretty good and went well with pita bread!

Get the full Recipe by clicking HERE

shakshuka large shakshuka

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