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The Halal Guys Platter Review – 53rd St & 6th ave New York, NY

If you are in the city after 7 pm and hungry than halal guys is a hot spot but beware because the lines are extremely long.  It’s ordinary to find the lines stretch out a block long even after 1 AM.  This is the “go to” place after partying all nite ( I don’t party anymore) but from experience if you want a hot meal at 4 AM with greasy rice/beef/ bread  drenched in mayonnaise base sauce than this is your place! Search no more!

When I first moved to NYC in 2004, I would head out to Halal guys after going to the Hookah Lounge.  Hot NYC Summer nights waiting in line with hundreds of other people to grab a mouth watering 5 dollar plate of meat!  This place was not only Halal but also good on my budget.  Besides, who do you know that hates gyro meat? I don’t know anyone that hates meat! My friends are not vegetarians ( no disrespect to vegans).

The lamb gyro is hooked on a rotating rotisserie and is shaved finely.  Whenever I order, I make sure to ask for both lamb and chicken.  I like the combination of the two together over a bed of red long grain rice.  On the side is a little bit of salad but I usually don’t eat that unless I am extremely hungry and of course sliced gyro bread.  Drenched on top with white sauce which I believe is made with mayonnaise.

When I first moved to New York, I remember it was worth waiting in line because the meat was fresh.  You got a big pile of good food for only 5 bucks.  That plate will fill you up and put you to sleep!  Over time though the consistency of the meat has changed.  In 2014 the meat is not quite the same.  Maybe I have a more refined taste but other spots like Mr. Halal in Astoria still has some banging Rice & Chicken.  He hasn’t changed since the first time I had it.  Halal Guys though are branching out and becoming more like a franchise. You see halal guys in different locations and got their hands all over the place in business.  In branching out, like most food businesses, the quality goes down.

I dive into the plate after releasing the cover and immediately grab a piece of the sliced gyro bread and soak up as much meat, rice, sauce and lil bit of salad into that first bite.  The rice was okay not the best and the meat, well it was not at its optimal.  I wish I could go back to 2004 and experience that first plate again.  That was magic in the making but what I had today was just Okay gyro on the go.  I am hoping that my experience will change but for the past year or so, I’ve been feeling awry when coming to halal guys. They are just not the same.  I am a devoted fan nonetheless.  I am hoping that it will get better because they’re becoming more successful but their product is lacking.  Halal guys has become to me that type of relationship where you see a friend go through hard times but you still got their backs, hoping that they will recover.  I’m waiting for that recovery!  Heres to high hopes and loyal customers!!!


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