Middle Eastern Food

Falafel Sandwiches from Mamoun’s – Greenwich Village, NYC

I’ve been on the hunt to find good falafel in the city.  Falafel is easy to find but good falafel is hard to come by.  Today I tried out some falafel from Mamoun’s restaurant in Greenwich Village.  The spot in Greenwich village is extremely small and the line was out the door.  Thankfully the wait was not long and I was able to order Shawarma, Falafel, hummus, and kunafa. There are no places to eat inside so I had to take it to go.


Photo Oct 27, 6 22 24 PM



The first thing I tried from the bag was the Shawarma.  Bread tasted fresh and the veggies were crisp. The More importantly the meat was juicy.  Oddly though the meat had a distinct smell to it but I could not put my finger on it.   It’s a pretty good shawarma overall and I could have eaten two of these.2








I also ordered a side of falafel.  The falafel was crispy and had a beautiful green color in the middle.  Pretty good fast food Falafel but not as good as my mama’s falafel.  I will return for this.

Can’t have Falafel without some hummus! Not sure if the hummus is in house but it’s pretty decent hummus.  It went well with the falafel.  It had a distinct tahini flavor in the hummus.


Now its not a complete meal unless you finish with dessert.  I finished with some kunafa.  Kunafa is a middle-eastern dessert with a crust made from long thin noodle threads and filled with nuts or cheese.  This version however had nuts in the middle.  This kunafa tasted similar to the versions that can be bought in bulk at middle-eastern stores.  It was good though.


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