Middle Eastern Food

Ma’amoul (معمول‎) – Arabic Pastry

While most of you are having post Halloween chocolate hangovers, I am over here indulging on some date filled shortbread or Ma’amoul.  Ma’amoul is my favorite Arabic pastry. Its known as the “holiday pastry” because we eat it during festive events and or Islamic holidays but I can honestly eat these year round. It has the right balance of sweetness with a crispy outer shell ( can be moist depending on how much oil/butter you add) with a chewy nut/date filling.  I prefer mine plain but its customary to dust powdered sugar on top of them.

They are basically shortbread cookies, stuffed with either dates or nuts and formed into a ball or tube.  We have “Ma’amoul” shapers which are like cookie molds which give them that unique ethnic look. lol My family usually makes a combination of both nut and date filling.  I love it because you never knew which one you are going to get because they look the same.  I will have a few of these after breakfast with a hot cup of coffee.

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    • Thanks. From my experience it’s only made with nuts or dates.. I believe the apricot jelly would come out when cooking however I’ve seen recipes online with a date-orange mix or with cheese. Ideally, you could put any filling inside but the tradition is to put dates or nuts.

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