Middle Eastern Food

Pop Wine Bottles the Halal Way



If you’re a Muslim American like me, you are overwhelmed and haunted with countless Alcoholic advertisements but now we can Pop Bottles too, the Halal way!  Now I can go to the Hookah spot and tell the waiter to “Keep the halal bottles coming”.  Halal meaning “permissible” to consume because its sinful to drink alcohol in Islam. Tell the bartender to keep the halal wine bottles stocked bro! ( For some reason I can hear Kendrick Lamar’s song “swimming pools” while I write this blog entry.) I can already hear community negativity in response to this product. “No brother look away from the haram (sin)” but this wine cannot be haram?

A new blinged out drink known as sparkling “halal wine” has been released in Dubai featuring a 24 Carat edible gold leaf. The “Lussory” wine products is certified halal and contains 0 percent alcohol.  I initially thought of grape juice considering its alcohol content non-existent however the process of creating this juice is what makes it unique.  The halal wine is created the same way as regular wine through Vacuum Distillation minus the alcohol content.  So now where can I get me a bottle of this halal bubbly?  Lussorywines are made in Spain and distributed through retailers in wealthy middle eastern cities such as Dubai.  The website http://www.lussorywines.com/ does not appear to have an online store.  I guess we got to travel to Dubai in order to Pop Bottles the Halal way.  I can see myself sipping it now from a luxury hotel balcony over looking downtown Dubai; “Keep the Gold Leaf and just give me that bubbly”.



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