Philly in Philly -Jim’s Cheese Steak Review – Philadelphia

It was a food massacre in Philly. Cheeese all over the place. I barely made it out with my two hands. Now I am telling my story for everyone to hear.

The line was long with dozens of hungry patrons.  I thought that I’d be the first one in line because it was only midday but I was surely surprised to see so many.  My eyes stared at the towering beef which was being freshly sliced before my eyes.  Oh the insanity to watch fresh beef being cut up into thinly sliced pieces.  It practically drove me insane.  I kept waiting in line and my heart began beating double time as I approached the sandwich maker.  The rude sandwich maker who could not understand proper English refused in making my sandwich by request and we began going into a verbal battle.  I want whiz and swiss cheese I told him as he ignored my request and gave me a plan cheese steak.  No send this back and give me whiz and swiss cheese I say!  The sandwich maker refused again but a distressed maiden from behind the counter intervened and assisted me with all of my sandwich desires.  Yes add onions I said to the maiden and she completed my request as ordered.

Overall, This was a good cheese steak but the poor customer service left a bad taste in my mouth.  (Honestly not worth the travel from NYC as I can get the same sandwich from the pizzeria).  BTW the line was long and the guy making the sandwiches has an incredibly stank attitude.. Will not return in the future but will definitely return to Philly to try out more steak and cheese.





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