Middle Eastern Food

Lime Mint Drink (عصير الليم)

Visiting Yemen as a boy, my relatives introduced me to Lime Drink.  I hesitated to drink lime assuming that it was bitter but it was the opposite.  Tasted like lime-on-ade with enough sugar to give you a rush.  I haven’t had the same unique Lime Drink since my last visit so I decided to re-invite it.  I incorporated to the lime drink a popular herb used in middle easter teas, mint.

Peel 1 lime (2 if you like it bitter), mix with 4 cups of water using a blender.  After blending cool the lime drink with whole mint leaves until ice cold.  Pour the concoction over ice and serve.  Lastly add the sugar!  I like it sweet because it’s nostalgic of my first encounter with the drink so I pile on the sugar!.

Lime Mint Drink (عصير الليم)



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  1. Cool! I love lime more than lemon. It is amazingly fresh and sweet and when I infuse it in water for long with the rinds, it doesn’t get bitter like lemon. Lime with mint can’t go wrong together. I also put a few slices of cucumber in for even fresher taste. Thanks for the recipes. I like the way you decorate it XD Simple and nice.

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