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Fire Challenge; Teens sets himself on fire for Facebook.



So you mean to tell me that youth are purposely setting themselves on fire for no potential reason other than to create a Facebook video in hopes of going viral!  If you have not heard, there are Facebook videos being shared of young teenagers setting themselves on fire in the bathroom.  I did not believe it at first so I had to watch the clip a second time, and then a third time.  In the video, the teenager first pours rubbing alcohol over his body (in addition to other chemicals (looks like shampoo)), then lights himself on fire with a lighter, all the while being filmed on a cheap camera phone.

There must not be a lot going on in your life if the high point of the day is setting yourself on fire.  What are these teens thinking by burning themselves?  To add insult to injury the Facebook comments support the actions with comments “this is funny”.  Am I missing something here?  What is funny about someone burning himself and potentially causing serious damage to his body and home?  I’ve only heard of this practice today but it appears on Facebook that the “fire challenge” has been going on for several years now.  I do not know about you but I am not setting myself on fire for 2 seconds of fame on YouTube & Facebook.  I want to live to see tomorrow.  I honestly feel ashamed for humanity seeing these videos.


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    • lol @ Adults of tomorrow. I believe that we have an opportunity to mentor and mold our youth in our communities. Hopefully we help those around us become better citizens so their future outcomes are not determined by youtube/social media.


  1. The other day I had read your article on people who film others being attacked with their cellphone rather than helping and today I learn about teens burning themselves!!!! The day of Qiyamah is almost coming, this world is really getting weird, cheap, it is impossible to live on such planet. Like “03alwi”, I also fear for the future of my child. May Allah protect us and our children.


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