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Crumbs Cupcakes is the star while Gaza Burns


100+ lives taken from Palestine due to 3 deaths in Israel. Sirens s are being sounded in Israel and people are shown in the media as poor victims running for their lives. “Move out the way” an Israeli screams as the local New York news shows civilians running from their cars on open highways.  However the question is what are the Israeli’s running from? Are the Israelis running from the  rockets that are not reaching their homes? So much pain and suffering has been supposedly inflicted on Israel but where are the death tolls of Hamas’s rockets? However Israeli bombs has killed over a hundred Palestinians, of which a majority were women & children. Israel & America consistently accuse Hamas of using their families as human shields.  At what cost do you kill an entire family in order to reach one man and in return blame the victims for their deaths? Israeli supporters are crying that anyone who defends Gaza is “Anti-Semitic”! My friends, I am not gullible, naive or anti-semitic! I am real and I see things for what they are.

Where are they running to?

Where are they running to?

In no way, shape or form is the death of 3 Israeli children right. I pray for them and their families. No one deserves the death of a child however Israelis rebuttal by grabbing a random child in Palestine and burning him alive is an act of revenge. What kind of justice is this? In America, when someone is murdered, the law comes into play and plans justice for the perpetrator. I would hate to live in a region where I am chosen as a random victim just because of my ethnicity.


Over 100 deaths has been accounted but the count is only rising.  Families homes are torn down and children are displaced.    We are more concerned about Madrid or Brazil winning the world cup than the unjust murders of Gaza. We have it too easy in our lives and cry about Crumbs cupcakes going out of business.  Oh the insanity, Crumbs has gone out of business, what will we do now with our lives?  Every news channel in America had an in depth broadcast and news article concerning the closing of the cupcake guru “Crumbs”.  I even saw a woman cry on TV because she bought coffee from Crumbs every day, poor woman! (Who the hell buys coffee from Crumbs anyways).   Now what is being said of the deviations that is being pressed against the Palestinian people?  No remorse displayed for Palestine and superstars like Rihanna are deleting their “#freepalestine” tweets due to potentially offending Jewish record executives.  Stand by your guns and don’t back peddle!  You got something to say than say it and stand by it! The death toll rises while we wait for a possible mediation to intervene but there will be no interjection.


Another Cup Cake Bites the Dust.

Judaism’s religion (much like Islam) overwhelmingly endorse compassion and peace! Where is the compassion and peace for the people of Gaza. Over the past few days over 100 Palestinians have been murdered. I like most sane individuals pray for a possible peace resolution for the region but Netanyaho Vows Military Attacks in Gaza.  Again and again, year after year devastating attacks are infused through Palestinian land. Pull the carpet from under the man, take his home, kill his family and complain to Obama when he tries to fight back.  Even Obama who I proudly voted for has announced his support for Israel.  The funny part is that Israeli politicians speak their minds and some even are in support of a Palestinian state in contrast to American politicians that only read cue cards.

This is what is occurring in Palestine as we watch and say nothing.  We inhale the media’s cry for Israel’s non-existing reasons for defending themselves. If a man stands in front of you, with no weapon, no shield, and no shoes, how is he a threat to you?  Entire neighborhoods are being bombed in search of several Hamas politicians.  How ridiculous does that sound?  Three children died in Israel and out of that over 100 died in Palestine. This is not justice being served but a demonstration of authority over another.  When will Gaza be free over the role of tyrants.


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