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Has social media affected humanity?



Punched, slapped, kicked. Imagine getting your ass beat in front of an unhelpful crowd. Catherine Ferreira was with her two-year old son in a public park when attacker Latia Harris pulverized her in front her own son while bystanders watched quietly! The bystanders watched the attack instead of helping.  In addition to not helping, the bystanders also pulled out their camera phones to record the incident! Granted the video footage helped catch the culprit but why didn’t anyone attempt to help? You’re telling me that a crowd of people could not help however each and every one of them recorded the incident on their camera phone in an effort to make a viral video on YouTube? Is posting the video on Facebook, YouTube, twitter & Instagram more important than the safety of man? Has social media affected humanity? This incident leads me to believe that humanity is affected tremendously and its only getting worse.

How many times has anyone rode on a subway or bus and suddenly heard people yelling out “World star”! The phrase “world star” has become increasing popular amongst our youth. is an urban media blog that show cases hip hop from new & upcoming artists. Besides the music, wordstar also provides viral videos of people doing crazy shit and most often not getting their asses beat. What could more embarrassing than getting beat on video and then broadcasted across the internet?  Remember Sharkesha?  World Star Hip hop glorified Sharkesha for sneak attacking a school mate.  These under-aged girls were show cased as animals and the victim is now forever burdened with her pic/video online.  Thanks World star!


Adolescent teens have increasingly become intrigued in becoming viral sensations.  Becoming a viral sensation means doing something absurd which often not means an outrage, unexpected fight. I live in NYC and I cannot count on my hands how many times I heard people yell out “World star” before something went down.  It’s a good indentation to go the other way but then again I would be no better than the bystanders mentioned earlier if I ran away instead of helped.  Have you ever googled or youtubed “NYC SUBWAY FIGHTS”?  There are tons of videos of crazed NYers world staring.  Success is harder to come by these days so I guess becoming a internet celebrity is the way now, even if it degenerates your name & ethics.

I was told that it is man’s natural inhibition to stand and watch violence or interactions of the sort. That the shock causes us to stand still. This would not include recording it on a smart phone. The increase of advanced technologies has made us more socially connected and tech savvy but also brought new dangers and controversies. Will humanity recycle its existence or will the deviance continue? It’s hard to tell but one thing is for sure that I will not stand still while my neighbor gets pushed down and attacked.

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  1. Great post! Television violence has also made society numb to real-life violence. Combine that with wanting to be a social-media superstar overnight by posting a crazy video on Facebook or Youtube and this is the result.

    • Thanks, you summarized my thoughts perfectly. I hope people change and that this is only a fade that grows tired but I do not see that happening in the near future.

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