Saudi Arabia deported thousands of Yemeni workers

Over 200,000 Yemeni labor workers have been deported from Saudi Arabia over the past six months.  Amongst those, 70,000  has been deported from Saudi Arabia over the past month.  The Saudi kingdom has expelled Yemeni workers in an effort to tackle its own unemployment crises.  Saudi Arabia launched a campaign against Yemeni labors inciting any worker that did not correct their “residence situation” will be kicked out.


Similar to the employment issues in America with Mexicans immigrants taking over undesirable job positions, Yemeni workers are being kicked out for taking low income labor jobs that Saudi nationals refused to work.  “Native Saudi” unemployment rate increased and in an effort to counteract and help the rich get richer, the hard working laborers are thrown out.  A large amount of Yemeni Labors in Saudi Arabia are granted access through a system of a”native Saudi Arabian” sponsorship program.  Through this program a sponsor grants individuals from Yemen access to work in Saudi Arabia but with a price of course.  The sponsored laborer in return must give a portion of his pay check to the sponsor.  In some situations, up to 50% of a laborers paycheck is paid-out to the sponsors.  Imagine an underpaid worker giving half of his paycheck to his sponsor but still gets kicked out of the country because the “natives” that do not want to work labor positions are now unemployed.

There are certain labor laws and guidelines that each country enforces and must obey.  I am not in favor of deportation of the Yemeni Laborers because they left their homelands to escape poverty and find golden opportunity in Saudi Arabia that would help keep themselves sustained.  On the other hand, I understand political circumstances and each country does have the right to administer their laws as they see fit.


Unfortunately Yemeni laborers are being sent out by the truck full.  Yemeni’s workers are shipped from Saudi Arabia to Yemen like sardine cargo.  Making matters worse, Yemeni labors are being thrown back into their homelands under a crippled economy with no standing president.  Elections are intended to be held in the beginning of 2014 but until then the country is hanging on a thin thread in complete limbo.  The deportation only increased the overwhelmingly large unemployment rate in Yemen. Yemen’s economy has undergone increased instability over past few years due to a corrupt government and frequent deadly attacks by internal mafia like militia and Obama drones.  Right now we can only anticipate for the upcoming elections and hope for a better future.


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