Middle Eastern Food

Omar’s Shawarama Sandwich

Photo Sep 13, 5 31 17 PMI was walking aimlessly in the city during my lunch break hoping to bump into something extraordinary (not chipotle).  I ended up bumping into a long line on E 55th St between 3rd and lex.  There was an incredibly long line waiting for something and I looked up at the awning and it said Omar’s.  I knew that it had to be an arabic place and so it was.  They served a variety of typical fast food arabic style cuisine including the famous middle eastern sandwich known as “shawarma”.  Shawarma is cooked meat (Lamb, chicken beef or combination there of) roasted on a revolving spit.   When ready the Shawarma is shaved or carved like a thanksgiving turkey with the meat is served on a hot pita with a variety of toppings.

Omar’s was no exception and they had a large amount of toppings compared to typical Arabic locations.  Although they sold the typical fast food cuisine like hummus and grape leaves, this shawarma spot was by all means not typical because the meat, bread and toppings were fresh and in good quality.  There are gyro and shawarma places all over the city and its hard to find a place that actually has a good sandwich that is not overwhelmly greasy or with burnt meat/bread.  Omar’s had exceptionally good sandwiches, hummus and the service was not bad either.  They got my order and got me out quickly and did not skimp on the quality of my food.  Thats the kind of service and food that i like !

Photo Sep 13, 3 07 06 PM


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    • I eat at Chipotle a lot and wanted to eat something different lol There are not many middle eastern locations in Midtown Manhattan so I was happy when I found this place. The sandwich was really good thanks.

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