I Don’t Care Attitude


It’s contagious and spreading like wild fire.  A lot of people are catching a mean case of  stank attitude.  The “I don’t care ” ideology has become an epidemic.  Be cautious and beware of symptoms including but not limited to: “I do what I want”, ” you not talking to me”, ” who the hell are you”, “what you want” ,”I don’t care”, with an eye roll and body twitch that follows.   These symptoms currently affect adolescents and non-inspiring ignorant adults but cases has spread to others as well. The common cure for this disease is a bitch slap or an insult.  Insulting the idiot with his or her own words make’s them realize how dumb they really are and if that don’t work then bitch slap a hoe ( hoes are non-inclusive to females, as some men reflect the hoe trait as well).

Old School Charm

Old School Charm

What happen to the respect, charm, and old world style finesse & grace that my grandparents had.  Society is idolizing ignorance, praising hopelessness/isolation and encouraging disrespect.   Television celebrates these attributes by granting unruly, raunchy,  and stupid people with reality series.  If there is a devil then he exists in reality T.V.  I feel like a part of my soul is ripped out from my chest every time I watch the negativity spewing from the screen.  Not to mention thousands of brain cells die as well (although not scientifically proven )  but I feel dumber after every series.  I hate how these shows make me feel about my self and the reflection of our society.
Dumb Reality Star

Dumb Reality Star

Another popular slogan is ” Follow that dream, live ya live and fuck anyone who thinks otherwise”.  An exemplary slogan for adults desiring a rock star lifestyle.  Drug & Alcohol abuse is the ideal leisure & pastime for these individuals with complete neglect to ones health.  I mean “fuck it we are going to die anyways right” is the motto.  So in this case pass that Dutch & pour the courvoisier and party until your unconscious.  Cause you ain’t partying right unless a trip to da ER is administered.
Also Hopelessness has became rampant amongst superstars which encourages youth to protest.  ” Put your middle fingers up and fuck it” is common phrase which everyone is sporting in their online profile pictures.  I really like ( like means hate here) the group photos where everyone sticks up their middle finger.  It’s cool to flip random people the bird because “I don’t care what you think of me” which is another common phrase from the “I don’t care” syndrome.
Another example of intellectual neglect would be the lyric “fuck your fake friends where your real friends at….. No new friends, no no no ” which is popularized in music by a rapper (remains nameless). These lyrics emphasizes that people are only friendly because they are fake or wanting relationship for monetary fulfillment similar to a prostitute.   Don’t get me wrong, the song is catchy but what makes a person fake?  Someone interested in you or trying to make a new friend is characterized as fake?  I thought we were suppose to network amongst each other.  Networking is what made social media websites like twitter & Facebook popular. Does this mean we should isolate ourselves from others completely? Life is about contribution and one hand benefits the other.  We are all in this together and perhaps we should learn to respect another instead of randomly throwing the middle finger whenever we feel that it will glamorize or increase our street credibility.
I understand that certain individuals are manipulative and will attempt to get ahead by stepping on your toes but that’s not a pass to disrespect everyone. Life can be cruel which makes the phrase true “it’s  a dog eat dog world” but don’t chew my head off because I asked for cheese on my sandwich.  Please do not scream because I asked for directions.  Where is the common courtesy our parents instilled in us.   Have parents gone astray from moralizing their offspring? Temperamental children become angry adults and what was once cute becomes repulsive. Then the neighborhood kid becomes Americas most wanted.  This could have all been prevented.
At the end of the work week we should reflect on our attributions to society and how we can shape it positively.  It does not take more than a smile to get the ball rolling.  Life can be tough and also a struggle but we should not encourage hate due to our downfalls.  Instead we should be grateful for what we have and treat each other with respect.  We are not going to make it in this world without having love & respect for one another.

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