Middle Eastern Food

Hadramoot Style Chicken (Mendy|المندي)


I am consistently on the search to find unique Arabic eats even when traveling.  Recently I made a trip to Saudia Arabia (KSA) and found out that much like the US a lot of the food there is “processed”!  I was expecting food to be more organic and home grown but that is not the case with the ever modernizing Khaleegi state.  Happily I stumbled upon a Yemeni Restaurant.  It was not just a Yemeni joint but it specialized in Hadramoot style cuisine including my favorite dish called “Mendy”.  Mendy (also spelled Mandi) is a traditional Hadramoot dish consisting of basmati rice and meat such as lamb or chicken.  This is similar to roast chicken (Haneeth) but the meat is cooked in a taboon (tandoor) that is dug in the ground and covered in clay !  So basically its cooked in a clay oven under ground.


The chicken is slow cooked with a variety of spices in the taboon (tandoor) until the meat is ready to fall off the bone.


The might of this chicken was extremely juicy and tender.  The meat fall off the bone easily and melted in my mouth like butter.  The experience was invigorating and I can still taste the chicken when I dream.  These off the road type restaurants serve the best food and a heck of a lot better then fast food places that have become increasingly popular in the middle east.  Why would anyone want to eat processed fried chicken when you can have Mendy?



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