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Yemeni stew |طبيخ

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Hi wordpress,

Controversy has overwhelmed Yemen and overshadowed the true beauty of the scenery, people and most importantly the FOOD.  Growing up Yemeni in America was not by any means untraditional but the contrary.  My life span has been enriched with cultural influences through food.  One of my favorite Yemeni cuisines is a hearty stew known as Dabeekh (طبيخ يمني بالخضروات).

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The stew consists of different vegetables including but not limited to carrots, squash, zucchini, okra, potatoes, celery, green beans and meat.   The vegetables can range depending on the person cooking and produce availability.  Dabeekh also consists of a meat compound which in this case is chicken.  Its is not uncommon however to use beef, lamb, or even goat.  The stew can be eaten with pita bread or served over rice.

Enjoy /Sahtain/صحتين وعافية

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