Middle Eastern Food

Awamat/ العوامة / – Crisp Doughnut Balls

Photo Jul 21, 3 13 41 PM

Its Ramadan Season and during this time we not only fast but make a vast variety of sweets.  After we break our fast, we entice by enjoying a home cooked meal but more importantly eating dessert.  One of my favorite desserts which can be eaten all year round is Awamat.  Awamat often referred to as owamat is a famous arabic sweet that consists of fried dough and powdered sugar  Its origination is entirely unclear as some believe they have Indian origins, middle east, and even Italian origins.  One thing’s for sure, regardless how or where its made, the taste is out of this world.  Awamat is what some people may call zeppoles but this is not your ring of the mill pizzeria style fried dough.  Awamat is made similar to the same way with a distinction of lemon & orange blossom water added to the mix.

Photo Jul 21, 3 13 37 PM

This particular recipe of Awamat called for coconut instead of the powder sugar on top.  The Awamat is dipped in simple sugar syrup and then rolled in chopped coconut after it was fried.  Awamat has a crispy shell with a cake like doughy center.  This is the perfect dessert to end the night after a long day of fasting.  Enjoy the pictures and remember to stay Hungry (Its Ramadan !).

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