Taiz, Yemen (تعز)


Ta’iz تعز ; is one of largest cities in the country of Yemen.  Taiz is the third largest city in Yemen after the capital Sana’a and the southern port of Aden.  The mountainous region has a population of over 600,000.

The picture below shows a narrow path on long side a steep mountain.  The path directs neighboring mountain villages to the city of Taiz.

Taiz Mountain Path

Taiz Mountain Path

The weather in Taiz during the summer range remained within the 90’s but was not intense as it lacked humidity.  The dry heat was never overwhelming but did cause perspiration.  During my stay I’d walk to the top of Jabil Sabir and sit on the cliff side.  The view of the city was captivating.  My emotions were in overdrive as chills ran up my side from beauty before me.  The hill side were green from trees and gardens.  The Valley was was comprised of brick homes which laid unparallel to another.  No specific structure of the roads reflected as the homes look huddled together without any passages ways.  Over the city were mountains that raised as high as the clouds.

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The picture displayed below shows downtown Taiz during the evening from Jabil Sabir.  Jabil Sabir is the tallest mountain in the providence of Taiz.  This is one of my favorite sites when visiting this city.

photo 4

Cairo Castle or which is known to the Arab people as Al-Qahira Castle shines bright like gold during the evening hours.  The Al-Qahira castle is built on a hill, at almost half the height of Jabal Sabir. It is a historical site and also a strategic point for battlefield due to its position.

photo 3

Al-Qahira Castle has a rich history steaming from Monarchy Era of Yemen.  Yemen became a republic in the 1960’s as it was under Monarchy rule for hundreds of years.


Houses in taiz were built from stone and brick.  These homes are built to last to withstand any climate.  Homes are built high on the mountain side and also low in the valley beneath it.  One of the most miraculous sensations is to sit on the rooftop of a house and look at the neighboring homes.  Watching people pass and interact with each other while admiring the view.  The most precious moments are created here on these rooftops.

American-Teacher-Killed-by-Gunmen-in-The-City-of-Taiz-Yemen fort-from-the-terrace


Written by A.K. Maleeke


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