Ruins in Ma’rib, Yemen

Ma’rib (مأرب‎) or Marib is the capital city of the Ma’rib Governorate, Yemen.  The ruins of Old Ma’rib, which lies to the south of the modern city.

In ancient times Marib, 120 km from Sana’a in the Wadi Adhana region, was a major centre of  the Sabaean empire, the oldest, most celebrated and powerful of the south Arabian kingdoms. Ultimately it became the capital of the kingdom, supplanting Sirwah, 35km to the west. This once was Marib. As many inscriptions tell us, great temples and palaces once graced the city.

Marib, Yemen

Marib, Yemen

Marib, Yemen

Marib, Yemen

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      • I believe so! I’m planning to visit Somaliland this year. Pretty close to Yemen but I guess it’s still pretty different!?


      • Somalia is across the sea from Yemen but is different. Yemen is above sea level as it is primarily a mountain region. You are consistently elevated and have a grand view of the world around you. The people are friendly, the food is plentiful and the land is green (if your not in the dry desert region lol).


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