Salta (سلتة) ; Yemen’s National Dish

Saltah (سلتة)

Saltah (سلتة)

Salta (سلتة) is Yemen’s national dish comprised of a slow roasted lamb broth with components such as potato’s, eggs, tomato, and lamb.  There are different variations of Salta such as adding ground beef or goat, okra, and a variety of other different vegetables.  You can mix it up depending on your own taste or preferences.

In an essence, Salta is normally served steaming hot in a metal bowl or harthi which is a stone bowl.  Salta is normally eaten with fresh hand made bread and topped with Hilba which is a creamed fenugreek.

Salta can be easily made at home or served in an Yemeni restaurant.  Yemeni restaurants however are scarce which are only found primarily in Major cities with large arabic communities such as New York City and Detroit Michigan.

Written by A.K. Maleeke @AMaleeke

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